Car Maintenance Ensures Your Safety

You and your family are not safe unless your car is reliable and in good condition. To ensure that your vehicle is in good condition, perform or schedule car maintenance services. Be sure to consult your owner’s manual on when or what parts need to maintained. Vehicle preventative maintenance not only ensures your safety, but also saves you money on future costly auto repairs, increase fuel efficiency and increases the longevity of your car. Different parts of your vehicle will need maintenance at different time intervals, be sure to check out our preventative maintenance page to learn when you should maintain or schedule maintenance services for different parts of your car.

Middle Country Automotive’s number on priority is your safety. Here, we provide you with a few things to look for in order to ensure your safety. We are experts in all auto repair, auto inspection and brake repair services in Selden NY 11784 and Centereach NY 11720.


Check your lights. Be sure that all your lights are working and that the light lenses are clean. Be sure to check your interior lights, directional signals, tailights and headlights.

Windshield. Your windshield is there to protect you. A crack can seem like a small issue but can become a deadly situation very quickly. Once you notice any cracks, have your windshield replaced.

Inspect your wiper blades and replace if necessary. The rubber on blades can chip, crack, loosen and become brittle due to age. This can lead to reduced visibility while driving and is a great risk for injury. Be sure to clean your wiper blades and remove any buildup of dirt or grime. If you notice any cracks, chips or see that the rubber is loose on the wiper blade, replace them immediately.

Inspect your mirrors. It is important that all your vehicles mirrors are clean and do not have any cracks. If your notice any cracks, replace your mirrors immediately as this reduces your ability to see other cars on the road.

Check your tires. If you notice that your tires are excessively work or not inflated to the proper tire pressure, schedule tire service immediately. Be sure to also have your tires rotated. This helps to keep your tires lasting longer and may help with fuel economy. Middle Country Automotive can take care of any tire service you may require. Call us today or schedule an appointment online. After your service, be sure to keep the tires at the appropriate tire pressure, especially during seasonal changes.

Your wheels should be aligned. If they are not, wheels may cause issues with the cars handling and reduce your tires life span. If you notice that your car is pulling to one side while driving at a constant speed, be sure to call your mechanic as soon as possible. Be sure to also have your wheels balanced. You may feel a rattling or shaking through your steering wheel. If this issue does not get fixed right away, you can affect your suspension system and its components. This will also have an impact on your tires and will cause an increase in fuel consumption.

Check for any leaks. Check all the areas around and under your car. If you notice any leaks, call your local mechanic immediately!

Check your belts and hoses. If you notice and splits, cracks or frays in your belts and hoses, have them replaced immediately.

Inspect your brakes. If you hear any strange sounds coming from your brakes as your apply even pressure, be sure to have them inspected by your local mechanic. If left alone for a period of time, you may completely wear out your brakes and damage the system that holds your brakes in place. Middle Country Automotive specializes in brake repair services!

Preventative maintenance is extremely important as by performing it, you ensure your safety! If you have any questions about preventative maintenance, you can contact us!

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