Drive Safely During the Winter Season

The winter season is the most dangerous time for drivers. The best advice is to not drive at all, if you do not have to. If you do have to drive, drive on paved streets only, or be sure to have proper tire chains installed. Middle Country Automotive wants to ensure your safety during the winter months. We are experts in all auto repair, auto inspections, and brake repair services in Selden, NY 11784 and Centereach NY 11720.
How to drive safely on icy/snowy roads:
– Allow for three times more space between yourself and the car in front of you. This gives you plenty of room to come to a full stop safely. Decrease your speed.
– Never slam down on your brakes, always brake gently. This prevents you from skidding out.
– Keep your lights clean! Turn them on to increase your visibility.
– Keep your windshield clean.
– Never use cruise control!
– Never assume that your vehicle can handle any and all winter conditions.

If your rear wheels begin to skid out, here is what to do:
– Take your foot off the accelerator
– Steer in the directions of the skid
– Gently pump your brakes
– If you have ABS brakes, do not pump them, instead apply steady pressure.

If your wheels get stuck in snow:
– Do not accelerate!
– Turn your steering wheels from side to side. This causes your wheels to push snow out of the way.
– Pour sand or kitty litter in front of your front and rear wheels, this helps to regain traction.
– Gently press on the gas pedal.