Five Auto Care Myths

We all fall victim to common car care myths, without evening realizing it. Middle Country Automotive would like to provide you with a list of common auto care myths to avoid them as they are outdated or bizarre. We are experts in all auto repair, auto inspection and brake repair services in Selden, NY 11784 and Centereach NY 11720, and want to ensure that you have a safe and comfortable ride every time you use your vehicle!

Myth #1 Pressure Gauges Are Not Needed
If one tire appears to not be as full as the rest, just fill it with some are the next time you get some gas and problem solved, right? Well, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Lower tire pressure not only means you get lower mileage, but is a safety issue. Tires can leak air, and before you know it, you have a flat tire or can potentially be a dangerous situation while on the road. Vehicles perform at their optimum level when all four tires are properly inflated. Recommended tire pressure differs among different vehicles, so it is important to refer to your owners manual.

If your vehicle has a tire pressure sensor which becomes illuminated, check your tire pressure immediately. It is important to check the tire pressure often. You can keep your tire pressure gauge in your glove compartment or in the trunk of your car. Find out what other items to keep in your car!
Remember: Temperature can have an effect on tires as well.

Myth #2 Household Cleaning Products Are Great For Cleaning Your Car
Absolutely not! Do not make the mistake of using a household product to clean your car. Regular cleaning products may damage your cars paint and wax finish. Always use cleaners specifically made for cars along with a soft sponge and dry your car to avoid water marks.

Myth #3 Use Fuel Additives
Fuel additives are advertised as preventing build ups and deposits. The fuel that you pump at the gas station already contains certain additives that help with these issues. Do not be fooled into pouring more money into something you already get at the pump!

Myth #4 Never Change Your Oil!
This has been widely debated. You SHOULD change your oil as often as your owner’s manual recommends you too. Never changing your oil will cause it to become dirtier over time with debris and will stop lubricating sensitive components of your engine. This will cause wear on your engine and may lead to costly repairs over time. Find out what happens when you do not change your oil regularly.

Myth #5 Always Warm Up Your Engine Before Driving
It’s true that your car needs a little time to warm up the engine, but very little. Just drive your car gently for about 5 minutes whenever you have to be on the road. Not only is this a good strategy for your engine, but your brakes as well. Brakes need some time to warm up as well. Sudden stops cause the temperature of the brakes to spike immensely, which promotes warping. By allowing your brakes to warm up along with your engine, your performing great car maintenance without even realizing it!