How to Clean Your Engine

Engines are most commonly overlooked when it comes to cleaning. A clean engines performs better and helps to ensure its longevity. However, cleaning your engine is not the same as cleaning the exterior and cabin of your car. Middle Country Automotive wants ensure that if you clean your engine yourself, you go about it in a safe way. We are experts in all auto repair, auto inspection and brake repair services in Selden NY 11784 and Centereach NY 11720.

Here are a few steps to guide you when you clean your car engine:
(Be sure to always refer to your owner’s manual for information on cleaning and if your car requires special cleaning products!)

Step 1. Purchase an engine degreaser. A household degreaser is a good alternative. Prepare your cleaning solution as per the instructions on the container.

Step 2. Be sure to park your car where the runoff from cleaning can easily enter a storm drain. If you do not have access to such a location, you can take your car to a car wash where this service is offered.

Step 3. If your engine is heavily soiled, you can warm it up by letting it run for a minute. Do not allow the car to run any longer!

Step 4. Remove the terminal cables on the battery. If the cables have any buildup, you can clean them with your cleaning solution and a small wire brush.

Step 5. All of the cars electrical components and delicate mechanical components MUST be covered with a plastic bag to protect them from being exposed to water. Be sure to also cover the intake! Cover any other areas where water can infiltrate.

Step 6. Clean off any loose dirt or debris from your engine.

Step 7. With a soft bristle brush, clean your engine. Be sure to wet the entire area so the solution can work on the dirtiest of areas. Do not use too much force. Clean thoroughly.

Step 8. Clean the engine block. Depending on how heavily soiled your engine block is, you may have to use a stronger degreaser.

Step 9. Carefully rinse off the engine and other parts with clean water. DO NOT get water into your engine. This can result is extensive damage and costly repairs!

Step 10. Let your engine dry. DO NOT TURN YOUR CAR ON!

Step 11. After the engine has dried, you can remove all plastic covers that you used. Put the terminals back onto the car battery.