Prepare Your Car for Summer

Summer weather can create extreme conditons for vehicles due to the heat. Hot weather can cause fluids and oil to break down can can cause decreased performance, engine seizing and permanent damage to your vehicle’s engine. Ensure that your car run efficiently during the summer months by following Middle Country Automotive’s advice. We are experts in all auto repair, auto inspection, and brake repair services in Selden NY 11784 and Centereach NY 11720.

Inspect the Air Conditioning System. The air conditioning system is made up of many components, all of which work together to ensure that the system is functioning properly and ensures you are cool during your comutes. Handling your car’s refrigerant can be dangerous and is best left for your mechanic to inspect. Your mechanic should also inspect your thermostat, evaporator and compressor to ensure that the entire system is functioning properly.

Be sure to check your refrigerant levels!

Belts and Hoses. It is extremely important that your belts and hoses are checked for cracks, tears, frays and are not brittle.

Fluids. Be sure to change and/or top off your car’s oil and transmission and other fluids.

Have Your Battery Inspected. Be sure to have your battery inspected. Inspect the battery terminals to ensure that they are clear and that the cables are not frayed or damaged. If you require any car battery services, contact us today.

Your Car’s Interior. You may ask yourself, why should I worry about my car’s interior during the summer? If car has leather seating, it is important to protect it from over drying and cracking by applying a leather conditioner to your seats. It’s also handy to have a sun shield in your car. If you find yourself having to park in the sun, a sun shield will help to keep your car cool and will protect your leather seats.

Inspect your Tires. It’s best to mount summer tires on your vehicle. This will allow you to have better handling and better fuel efficiency during the summer. An alternative to summer tire is to mount all season tires to avoid the headache of mounting different tires as the seasons change. Be sure to check for proper air air pressure, including your spare tire. Inspect the tire tread.

Have Your Brakes Checked. Have your brakes checked. Even though summer can be hot and dry, with that comes rain and storms. Ask your mechanic to look at your brakes and your brake pads. The heat of summer can cause your brakes to wear more quickly. Be sure to have your brake fluid inspected and if needed, replaced. Have all your brake repair services performed at Middle Country Automotive.

Get a Tune Up. It’s always best to have a tune up service performed before the summer season. Middle Country Automotive provides superb tune up services, contact us today or schedule an appointment at our Selden or Centereach location.

Check All Car Lights. Be sure that all your vehicle’s lights are in proper working order.

Inspect Exhaust System. Inspect your exhaust system and make sure that it is clear of debris and/or holes.