What is Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is a necessary auto maintenance task that is performed to keep your vehicle in its optimal condition. Refer to your owners manual on how often to have this service performed. Generally, a tire rotation service should be performed every 5,000 – 6,000 miles. A general rule of thumb is to have a tire rotation performed every time you have your oil changed.

Tires undergo tread wear from everyday driving. Tires that are not properly inflated will also cause uneven tread wear. Uneven tread wear on your tires can cause problems for your vehicle, which can result in costly repairs. Uneven tread wear can also lead to poor performance and a loss in gas mileage. Generally, the front tires undergo the most amount of wear. In order to maintain a consistent and even tread on all tires, a tire rotation is required. Tires from the front are placed at the back of the vehicle and tires from the right will be placed on the left, and vise versa. This allows for a prolonged life of all your tires.

The rotation pattern of your tires depends on the tires as well as your vehicle. Please refer to your owners manual for the required rotation pattern for your vehicle. Various vehicles have specific tires that only allow tires to be rotated from the front to the back. If you carry a full sized spare tire in your car, include the spare tire in your rotation to ensure even tread on all tires. If you get a flat tire, you will have a tire that matches your others tires tread.

Tire rotation is a quick maintenance job and should not be overlooked. Technicians will also inspect to see if all your tires are properly inflated and if there are any hazardous issues with them. Find out how to change a tire! DO NOT perform a tire rotation on your own if you do not know about the process, only qualified technicians should perform this service for you. Contact Middle Country Automotive today to schedule a tire rotation today!

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